Carbis Loadtec TC-10 Mobile Access Cart - Two Side by Side

Rely on Carbis Loadtec when you need help, advice and support

Our customer needed an urgent replacement Mobile Access Cart. Last Friday, around 11.30am, we received a call from a good client of ours. They have a site at the other end of the country. A road tanker had tried to drive away while the Mobile Access Cart was still in place. Not a pretty sight. The cage was destroyed and the consequential damage, though unseen, rendered it unviable for repair.

We leapt into action. Within 90 minutes a brand new cart had been despatched from stock at our warehouse and a courier drove it directly to the site, delivering it early evening Friday. By lunchtime on Monday, our engineer arrived to unpack, assemble, test and commission the new cart.

Production was unaffected and we left site with a smiley customer saying nice things about us. A great way to start the week.

Clearly, we don’t encourage this type of purchasing behaviour. But you can rely on Carbis Loadtec to be there for you when you need help, advice and support.

Carbis Loadtec Mobile Access Cart In Saudi Arabia