Carbis Loadtec TC10 Mobile Access Cart

Mobile Access Cart by Carbis Loadtec provides safe and reliable access onto tanker tops is a subject of increasing concern to all engineers and safety managers involved in the area of bulk liquid transfer. The Carbis mobile access cart, or TC10, is designed to provide drivers and operators with a flexible and safe access on to tankers of varying heights, either to sample or load product.

Constructed in either aluminium or carbon steel, these mobile platforms can be moved around a loading bay easily by one person or longer distances with a tractor. Wheels can be specified to run parallel to tanker for areas where space is limited.


The TC10 Access cart can be supplied in two formats.

  1.  Standard, where the cart is pushed up to the tanker perpendicular to the tanker centreline
  2. Side Mount.  The cart is pushed along the side of the tanker. This is used in areas where there is not enough space either side of the tanker for easy clearance.

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