Carbis Loadtec Vertically Elevating Platforms

Rail Car Access and Loading Platforms

Most stations require simple folding stairs that can track because of rail tank car (RTC) mis-spotting. In countries where the tank wagon design is US-influenced, the safety cage most often is a “halo” type to supplement the crash box fitted to RTCs.  However, we are also able to provide three-way adjustable cages that fit over the crash box.

Did you know?

Rail car clearance envelopes will vary widely, depending on the plate designation of the RTC or tank wagon. All equipment must be able to park clear of this envelope.

Rail Car Loading Platforms

Rail Car Access and Loading Platforms are offered in conjunction with Carbis Loadtec’s rail loading arm and skid systems. Companies that need simultaneous access to rail multiple hatches will find their best solutions with the Carbis Loadtec range of products engineered and fabricated to suit your unique loading/unloading environment.

Even today these low cost loading arms are bought in their hundreds for new-build facilities. In many areas of the world, the market has adopted our systems to aid faster loading and removing, it is critical that your equipment provider understands the details of effective fall prevention solutions. Whichever the method, railcar loading platforms provide assured quality, strength, safety and endurance in one of the most challenging environments.

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