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Loadtec Installation Service
Carbis Loadtec offers an installation and commissioning service; we will send out qualified engineers to ensure your new equipment is installed correctly

The performance, durability and operability of our equipment is generally regarded as a benchmark around the world. The equipment arrives with instructions on how to install it and start it up. But increasingly we find that customers want the extra assurance of a Carbis Loadtec service engineer to oversee or supervise the installation process and be around to start up the equipment. Furthermore, due to increasingly strict legislation on safety, that engineer is also able to provide training of your operators. This gives them the confidence to use the equipment safely and correctly and gives us the assurance that the warranty will not be affected by misuse or neglect.

Our dedicated and experienced installation team are available meet your needs globally. They have all necessary certification and experience to take away any concerns you may have about installing equipment that you are not familiar with. This becomes especially important when installing packaged systems involving a number of items that have to move independently by in coordination with each other i.e tanker access systems and loading arms. Correct and safe installation will make the final result far easier to use and have been found to directly affect the life expectancy of the items.

Our installation engineers are very experienced in overseas travel and the demands placed on them while doing it. We factor that into our schedules to ensure our installer arrives fresh and able to work to the client’s needs.

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Carbis Loadtec Integrated Meter Skid Atex Control System & Telescopic Top Loading Arm

The Loading Arm: An Evolution in Safety

The oil and gas industry is sometimes seen as something from the Jurassic age, much like the products it deals with, an industry where innovation and development lags behind the superfast digital age. Is this perception true? Alec Keeler, managing director of Loadtec Engineered Systems, begs to differ.