Carbis Loadtec can provide maintenance services
Loadtec Maintenance Service
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Loadtec Service working on Control Panel
Carbis Loadtec can provide service engineers to perform maintenance as required or on a contract basis.

The catastrophic equipment failure, regardless of age and duty, is always a significant inconvenience. This can range from an O-ring to a pump. Whichever it is, the client faces unplanned downtime and needs to make hasty repairs to get the facility up and running again. So often, these short-term fixes have a short-term life span, and failure is most likely to occur sooner rather than later.

Carbis Loadtec Service can, by developing maintenance schedules to suit you, reduce the potential for breakdowns and failures. Carbis Loadtec Service aims to provide lifetime care and assured support to new purchases and existing systems. The customer will completely trust our ability to give a low life cost for their systems.

There are three ways for clients to take advantage of our facilities:

  • A site installation supervisor package can be bought during equipment purchase.
  • The after-market service package is tailored on the same basis as the capital package. Still, the first service will be extensive to ensure that no fundamental issues or neglect will manifest itself later.
  • Complete strip-down overhaul. We will provide a detailed inspection report with a quotation for a turnkey refurbishment. This would restore your equipment to its new status and significantly extend its life.

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Carbis Loadtec Integrated Meter Skid Atex Control System & Telescopic Top Loading Arm

The Loading Arm: An Evolution in Safety

The oil and gas industry is sometimes seen as something from the Jurassic age, much like the products it deals with, an industry where innovation and development lags behind the superfast digital age. Is this perception true? Alec Keeler, managing director of Loadtec Engineered Systems, begs to differ.
Carbis Loadtec can provide maintenance services

Watch video of Carbis Loadtec Service Team in Ireland

Our team were in Ireland, conducting routine maintenance on some unloading arms we supplied to a pharmaceutical client. Taking advantage of the bright, sunny weather, they demonstrated our bottom unloading arm's ease of use and handling. This 3” stainless steel arm has six high integrity swivel joints. A full bore 3” ball valve and Emergency Release System are at the outboard end.