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Carbis Loadtec - Designing Loadtec bottom loading standard arm on a computer
Carbis Loadtec Vertically Elevating Platforms
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Carbis Loadtec Group provides inclusive design, supply and commission packages for road and rail loading arms, tanker access and fall prevention systems, meter skid systems, quick release couplings, dry disconnect couplings and breakaway couplings.

We also provide feed studies and consultancy services for integrated packaged solutions for customers seeking a one stop shop for their liquid transfer needs. This includes meters, controls and terminal automation packages.

Loadtec Engineered Systems was formed in 1996 to provide an expert and very focussed engineering, sales and marketing office for companies wishing to purchase point of transfer liquid handling equipment. It was decided at the outset that we should not be side tracked by peripheral products and goods that detracted from our key objective. In this role we proved Loadtec to be the primary, specialist source for liquid handling solutions.

On 1st September 2019, Loadtec Engineered Systems migrated its personnel and systems to a new company called Carbis Loadtec Group Limited reflecting a new partnership between Sam Carbis Solutions Group and the Loadtec Family.

Sam Carbis Solutions Group is a fourth-generation family business based in Florence, South Carolina and employing over 250 personnel in the fabrication of specialised systems for fall prevention www.carbissolutions.com.  Loadtec Engineered Systems Ltd exclusively represented Carbis for 22 years throughout the world and so were already used to working together, cooperating and developing unique solutions for our customers’ unique applications.

This partnership gives Carbis Loadtec an unrivalled portfolio of fall prevention systems and packages. The range of capability available to Carbis  Loadtec customers means there is no tanker loading or access problem that cannot be resolved with proven equipment and systems. Over the years Carbis Loadtec has significantly grown their Fall Prevention related business and has provided hundreds of systems into Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

Carbis Loadtec and Zipfluid Srl are a perfect collaboration. Carbis Loadtec has many years of experience in delivering quality solutions for customer problems. They are recognised as a global brand and are approved suppliers to most of the major engineering houses and global blue chip end users. Zipfluid has a state of the art Loading Arm manufacturing facility in the heart of industrial Europe. They are focussed on innovation, development and manufacture of a wide range of fluid transfer systems to handle all liquids and have a team of engineers and production staff with long and successful histories in the loading arm business.

Carbis Loadtec comprises a team of experienced engineers who have extensive knowledge of tanker loading solutions and safety equipment. Carbis Loadtec also works in partnership with a number of specialist suppliers who provide technical support on projects where detailed knowledge of aspects of the job is required.

If you have a need to bulk load rail or road tankers with any fluid, you need to work with a company who knows the product, the problems, the safety requirements and, most importantly, the solution. You also need that company to treat you fairly and efficiently. Carbis Loadtec Group is the company you need.