We give our customers time; we listen to and understand their issues; we develop schemes and proposals that meet their technical and financial constraints and deliver long lasting, innovative solutions.

This is what engineering should look like. This is what customer service should be.

Carbis Loadtec Group is the exclusive technical supplier for Safe Tanker Access and high quality Tanker Loading Arms. We also specialise in bulk fluid transfer and operator safety during in-plant, road, rail and IBC filling operations.

Carbis Loadtec provide an inclusive concept to commissioning package for loading arms, fall prevention systems, meter skids, blending skids, storage tank equipment, earthing systems, dry-disconnect and breakaway couplings.

Carbis Loadtec is a leader in the field of packaged solutions and combines high quality manufacturing with the widest available portfolio to give customers assurance of quality and integrity.


Autoload Tanker Loading Arms. Completely automatic and safe tanker loading arm. Suitable for road, rail, IBC and drum loading. Remove operators from hazardous situations.



“They came back to us with a solution that ticked all the boxes. They were flexible when we wanted to tweak the specification then worked closely with us to ensure smooth delivery and installation.”

“Safer and more accessible tanker inspections. Thank you so much for the Carbis ladder.”

“We have used the Carbis Loadtec Multi-Modal unit for over 10 years without significant incident and with minimal maintenance effort and cost. It has proved to be a positive addition to our assets.”

“Carbis Loadtec were able to develop a unique solution to meet our and our customers’ food safety requirements as well as being able to ensure the safety of our employees. They delivered a complete solution which met all of our needs.”

“The [Carbis mobile access] cart has proved easy to manoeuvre and has provided us with a safe and stable means of gaining access to the top of the tankers, and has required no repairs to date.”

“Carbis Loadtec  provide smart, neat and efficient solutions which will meet our operational and business demands.”

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Girl driving F1 Playstation game on Carbis Loadtec stand at Stocexpo Rotterdam

Carbis Loadtec review Stocexpo 2023

Our Managing Director Alec Keeler reflects on the show and how clients needs have adapted and changed since Covid. We look at the automation of the tanker loading process and what we can do to help faciliate customer needs.
Carbis Loadtec TC-10 Mobile Access Cart - Two Side by Side

Rely on Carbis Loadtec when you need help, advice and support

Our customer needed an urgent replacement Mobile Access Cart.…
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Nothing makes me prouder than listening to one of our team on a call with a client

Nothing makes me prouder than listening to one of our team on a call with a client.  Fast and accurate responses to unpredictable questions.  Our team are qualified, experienced and personable and really enjoy their work.