Carbis Loadtec Large Safety Cage and Folding Stairs In Situ - Teesside, UK

Folding Stairs have been available globally for many decades.  The simple retractable, counter-balanced bridge to a tanker top of varying height, is manufactured by many companies.

Some are definitely better than others.  Most can reach the standard operating range of +45 and -45 degrees.  Most, nowadays, have three rails and finally, most have three rail safety cages.

Then there are the design differnces.  In the USA the Carbis design has become the standard.  610mm standard step width with predominatly aluminium treads, handrails and a low level spring counterbalance.  It has been around and very successful for decades.  it has created many imitators.

The European design is quite different, whist performing the same function.  Yet, galvanised or painted steel is the dominant material of contruction and the spring counterbalnce resides in a near vertical layout.  They are easy to differentiate and apart from the American versions sold by Carbis Loadtec around the world, there is very little cross pollenation of sales.

So, what makes the Carbis Loadtec Folding Stairs different?  We have three ranges.  American, European Standard and European Budget.  Each perform the same tasks. Each are available with various step quantities and each are adaptable.  This means we have the widest portfolio to meet all customer requirements and budgets.

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