Carbis Loadtec Vertically Elevating Platform Netherlands

There are many tanker access systems that require the operator to have free access to the entire tanker top. Carbis Loadtec Vertically Elevating Platforms (VELP) have their own integral walkways built into the structure, giving greater rigidity and enhanced safety. The platform enclosure is available up to 12m long. The system may be used for inspection purposes or with a number of loading arms. The system is supplied with flip up floor panels. Carbis Loadtec supplies these as single or double sided units in tight constraints or as stand alone structures.

The Vertically Elevating Platforms (VELP) concept is well proven and has been sold around the world for over 30 years with great success. The continuous floor level removes any concerns about tanker walkways and falling off the end of the tanker. The tilting system ensures that the gap between the cage and the tanker is minimised and limit switches stop movement before the tanker is contacted. The range of travel is 1.5m from 3.2m to 4.7m, which gives a safe margin for passing traffic and ensures every form of tanker transport can be safely acccessed.

The VELP Access System can be designed for any application, ranging in length from 4m to 15m. The platform consists of two sections: Inboard, closest to the folding stairs, is the walkway; a 0.6m wide grated plank surface that allows the operator to walk easily along the full length of the tanker top. The second section consists of the flip-up panels; these measure 1.4m long x 0.3m wide with a serrated, non-slip surface. They are easily fitted and parked against the far handrail then secured using the supplied carabiner clips.

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