Carbis Loadtec Petrol Tanker Loading - Top Loading Fuels

Top Loading Fuel Arms. Bulk loading of hydrocarbons into road and rail tankers saw the earliest use of loading arms. Simple articulated pipe systems in 2½” were sold around the world. Even today these low cost loading arms are bought in their hundreds for new-build facilities.

In many areas of the world, the market has adopted bottom loading to aid faster loading and removing the need for tanker top access. Whichever the method, Bottom or Top Loading Fuel Arms by Carbis Loadtec provide assured quality, strength, safety and endurance in one of the most challenging environments.

Generally available in 3″ and 4″ pipe sizess, the arms are simply made of carbon steel and aluminium.  However, where aluminium drop pipes may come into friction contact with aluminium manhole, we urge extreme caution and suggest a non-incendive sparking material is used, such as stainless steel.

Another added concern is static generated from splash loading.  If there are a wide range of tanker diameters being filled, then it is recommended to use a telescopic drop pipe to ensure the tank is being filled from the bottom upwards and avoiding splashes.

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