Loadtec Couplers For Tanker Loading

Couplings make fluid transfer simple and safe by connecting two shafts together. Carbis Loadtec supplies many types of couplings including dry-break couplings for critical applications where minimum spillage on dis-connection is vital. Applications include handling of chemical, flammable, toxic or other dangerous liquids.

Connections via a hose or loading arm to tankers or tanks, often rely on the integrity of the connection device to maintain clean and safe operations. It is important to use connectors that are designed for the purpose. Carbis Loadtec supply the Kamlok®, Autolok™, Drylok® and Kamvalok® systems.

Kamlok and Autolok are the benchmark quick couplings. Kamlok is the original quick disconnect coupling with Twin-Kam™ arms to ensure minimal effects of vibration. Autolok is arguably the best self-locking quick connector available. The locking pins are built into the cam arm making it easy and simple to operate with thick gloves on. The Drylok is a tough chemical dry-disconnect that provides no connection–no flow integrity and a variety of seals with resistance to meet every application. The Kamvalok is the most sold dry-disconnect system in the world. It has been available since the 1960’s and was the approved method for hydrocarbon transfer to tankers, before the API system was adopted. In recent years it has been developed to have stainless steel integrity and remains a very popular fail-safe coupler for chemical and industrial applications.

The Industrial Breakaway System allows operators to have insurance for the rare times when a tanker makes an unplanned departure, while still connected to the plant. The breakaway is designed to part at a predetermined load and self seals both pipeline ends, avoiding spillage, consequential environmental clean up and danger for the operators.

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