Large Safety Cage Photo realistic Image impression

Does My Bay Look Big In This?

In pre-Covid times, making a client visit, nationally or internationally, was an easy and quick decision which proved very helpful in developing a working relationship.  Especially so if you are trying to sell a concept that is not easy to visualize or demonstrate.  Even then, it could often entail patchy translation, unfathomable gesticulations, hand sketches, pacing up and down and making chalk marks in the road.

But we have had to reinvent ourselves, to meet the new challenge of predominantly desk based sales.  Also, customers want to have a clear and unambiguous understanding of what they are buying into. They are the Insta generation and a standalone graphic representation is not good enough to demonstrate the impact of size and understanding of how our systems will fit into their working constraints.

So, photo realistic images are created, using two or three client pictures of the area, taken from different angles. The equipment is scaled correctly, and light is angled to match the picture.  In many cases, planning permission may be required if it is near the boundary and this also gives a positive impression to non-industrial review committees who have little or no comprehension of the clients’ challenges.  The difference between these and rendered designer graphic scenes are that they encompass reality, not the architects ideal vision of what normal should be.

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Vertically Elevating Platform imposed on site picture