Carbis Loadtec Autoload Loading Arms for Rail Tank Car filling

Autoload Loading Arms for Rail Tank Car Filling

Carbis Loadtec Autoload Loading Arms for Rail Tank Car filling, combined with Carbis Gangways and rail SAF-T cages for ultimate safe access and tanker loading without human contact.

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Carbis Loadtec in the news

Carbis Loadtec is grabbing headlines. Carbis Loadtec Group is the exclusive technical supplier for fall prevention systems and high-quality fluid transfer. We also specialise in bulk fluid transfer and operator safety during in-plant, road, rail and IBC filling operations.

Loadtec Loading Arms

The Launch of Carbis Loadtec Group Limited

Loadtec Engineered Systems and Sam Carbis Solutions Group are delighted to announce the launch of Carbis Loadtec Group Limited.  Following a long engagement of 22 years, the two companies have finally decided to tie the knot!

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StocExpo Europe 2020

StocExpo returns to Rotterdam Ahoy in March 2020 to inspire, connect and share knowledge within the tank storage community. Thought leaders from across the world will gather alongside exhibitors and visitors to discuss the future of the bulk storage industry.

Carbis Loadtec presenting at CHEMUK 2020


'Rise of the (Tanker Loading) Robots' is the subjects of Carbis Loadtec's presentation at this year's CHEMUK.

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Woodfield Systems LTD Buy Loadtec Marine Arm Division

Loadtec Engineered Systems are delighted to announce the sale of their Marine Arm division to Woodfield Systems Ltd.  Based in Whitstable, UK, Woodfield Systems have been manufacturing marine arms since the 1950’s.

Loadtec Loading Arms

Challenging loading arm convention with innovation

The evolution of the tanker loading process has been ‘glacial’. This is not due to any single reason, although money is often cited as one of the primary factors. But, is that still a justifiable reason to reject change?