Girl driving F1 Playstation game on Carbis Loadtec stand at Stocexpo Rotterdam

Carbis Loadtec review Stocexpo 2023

Our Managing Director Alec Keeler reflects on the show and how clients needs have adapted and changed since Covid. We look at the automation of the tanker loading process and what we can do to help faciliate customer needs.

Carbis Loadtec TC-10 Mobile Access Cart - Two Side by Side

Rely on Carbis Loadtec when you need help, advice and support

Our customer needed an urgent replacement Mobile Access Cart. Last Friday, around 11.30am, we received a call from a good client of ours. They have a site at the other end of the country. A road tanker had tried to drive away while the Mobile Access Cart was still in place. Not a pretty sight. […]

ChemUK Stand Low Res

Nothing makes me prouder than listening to one of our team on a call with a client

Nothing makes me prouder than listening to one of our team on a call with a client.  Fast and accurate responses to unpredictable questions.  Our team are qualified, experienced and personable and really enjoy their work.

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Vanilla Isn’t Always Boring

People who know me and have dined with me around the world, may recall that when it comes to deserts, my go-to, whatever is on the menu, is Vanilla Ice Cream. Three scoops, thanks for asking. It almost always delivers what it promises. A safe choice. At Carbis Loadtec, we have a smorgasbord of safe tanker access solutions. From simple Vanilla all the way to robotic Tutti Frutti’s. But never Eton Mess.

Large Safety Cage Photo realistic Image impression

Does My Bay Look Big In This?

Keeping operators safe using new equipment needn’t be guesswork. With a couple of high-quality photos, we can provide a realistic look of how CarbisLoadtec systems will look on your site

Carbis Loadtec Vertically Elevating Platform Mozz 1

Safety should follow the science

One of the trending statements of 2020, irrespective of where you are reading this is, “we are following the science”. This can give rise to a nodding of sage heads or snorts of derision, from whichever side of the scientific or political spectrum you care to be. ALEC KEELER, Managing Director, Carbis Loadtec Group So […]

Carbis Loadtec Long Range 3 Inch Chemical Loading Arms

The World is changing and we’re changing along with it

As I start to look at what will soon be my fourth decade in the Bulk Fluid Transfer industry and, with some time to reflect on what changes have occurred in that time.  I suppose, from a technology viewpoint, the methods and flexibility of how we now work were inconceivable when I started.  I reminisced […]