Carbis Loadtec Large Safety Cage System - Finland

Large Cage Safety Solution by Carbis Loadtec is suited to areas where  access to tanker tops is infrequent, we provide a solution that meets your financial and space limitations.

The Large Cage Safety Solution can be supplied from five to twelve metres long and fixes to a single pedestal standpost platform or an existing platform. Generally these are supplied with aluminium frames; however the cage can also be specified with galvanised rails. The system requires five bar air to power the cylinders on the folding stairs and these are operated by a single simple lever at platform level.

It requires no electrical power input and does not have a floor built into it.

The working height range for the tankers should be between 3.4 and 4 metres for the cage to work most effectively (subject to optimal platform height – Call Carbis Loadtec for advice).  The cage has strengthening bars which provide rigidity and prevent flexing.

Optional gates at each end of the cage can be moved along the cage by the operator standing on the fixed platform and before going on to the tanker top.  These will close off the areas of the cage that are not needed, decreasing the risk of falling off the end of the tanker.

Carbis Loadtec also supplies a custom fabricated platform to suit this access system and will ship the package anywhere in the world.

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