Carbis Loadtec Tarping Systems

Tarping Systems by Carbis Loadtec provides flat bed hauliers with an easy and safe means or protecting their load in transit.

Trying to spread a protective tarp over a flatbed load is dangerous without purpose built systems. Shifting contents may have uneven or slippery surfaces, and this may lead to slips, trips or falls.

Powered tarping systems provide a safe way to tarp loads without climbing on the back of trailers or over the top of loads.

An industrial strength electric winch picks the tarp up and pulls it the full length of the trailer. The track is designed to be longer than the trailer, making it possible to tarp an out of position trailer. A spreader bar attaches to the tarp with two clips and then the winch is operated with a simple hand held remote control. The power cable is kept taught via a tension reel.

Carbis Loadtec also provide platforms and stairs to ensure safe access to the sides of the trailers.

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