New Britain Oils - Tanker access through hybrid system installed by Loadtec

New Britain Oils chooses Loadtec hybrid system

This article has been reproduced from Oils & Fats International ( September/October 2015 issue.

A specially designed, hybrid tanker access system designed for New Britain Oils (NBO) in Liverpool, UK, has become Loadtec's best selling tanker access system globally.

Loadtec says it was provided a very clear brief to design a tanker access system that met two important objectives.

Firstly, to ensure absolute safety while working on tanker tops and that the tanker would not need to be moved to locate the loading arm in any of the six manholes.

Secondly, to safeguard food safety integrity so the tanker bays would be inside a sealed building, and it was imperative that the doors could be closed to assist hygiene.

Loadtec says that as the system was required for a state-of-the-art industry-leading refining plant, great care was taken to ensure that any design would be utilised for long-term efficiency and reliability. The Loadtec solution had to combine that ethos with foolproof safety and assurance that any operator could step into the task and not jeopardise themselves or the integrity of the plant. It had to be designed so that one man could operate all three bays effectively, thus giving a payback.

Loadtec engineers designed a hybrid system that allowed safe access to any tanker without risk of falls from a permanent walkway. In addition, the system featured a very long-range loading arm with fingertip control.

Loadtec says the system has now been operating reliably for four years.

Oils & Fats International - September/October 2015 (PDF)