People who know me and have dined with me around the world, may recall that when it comes to deserts, my go-to, whatever is on the menu, is Vanilla Ice Cream. Three scoops, thanks for asking. It almost always delivers what it promises. A safe choice. At Carbis Loadtec, we have a smorgasbord of safe tanker access solutions. From simple Vanilla all the way to robotic Tutti Frutti's. But never Eton Mess. There's enough Eton created mess in the world already.

Below is a client picture from Indonesia which we recently received. It's a  pair of Tanker Access Platforms with Folding Stairs & extra-large Safety Cage, with optional drop-angled lower sides. In that scenario it gives secure safe access for inspection and sealing of manholes.

If you are uncertain what flavour you need, compared to what you think you want, call us. We will guide you to the one that leaves no bitter after taste.

Vanilla isn't always boring!Large Safety Cage