Loadtec Zip-Load Factory Visit - Equipment Undergoing Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)

Twenty Years of Loadtec

On 9 December 2016 (this Friday!), Loadtec Engineered Systems will celebrate its 20th anniversary in the field of loading arms and access equipment. We want to celebrate this significant milestone and share with our customers, suppliers and friends, some facts about our business and our team. We commissioned this wonderful infographic that will give you some fascinating facts about the company.

Twenty Years of Loadtec InfographicOur staff like to work with us. In twenty years, one person resigned because he’d come to an industry he didn’t like (really?), two were reluctantly released, one moved away to be with his girlfriend (subsequently married her and now has two children) and two retired.  Our staff are a very valuable feature of our business and we encourage their growth and enterprise.

As a company, we have had hard times and good times. But through it all, we can truly say our customers are at the heart of it all and we genuinely work very hard to meet and exceed customer requirements.

We don’t always succeed, but we learn from our mistakes and improve. There is fun and there is frustration. It has been fascinating and, sometimes frightening to see how the customer has evolved.

Twenty years have seen changes in the way customers seek out needed products or solutions. The internet has become a resource that was unimaginable by many 20 years ago. The levels of documentation and scrutiny have increased exponentially, probably driven by litigation and insurance claims because whilst safety has improved, those improvements have been made by investment in appropriate, modern equipment rather than more documentation.

So, where will the next 5, 10 or 20 years take us? New materials will lead to innovative designs. But, due to the transient nature of modern  employment, many end-users will find themselves facing a lack of suppliers carrying an experienced understanding of customer needs. Loadtec’s philosophy, training and ethos tells us, that will not be the case with us.

We hope you will raise a glass in spirit to us this Friday and toast to our anniversary and our continual success.

Alec Keeler - Managing Director, Sue Keeler - Operations Director