Loadtec Marine Loading Arms

New Product Launch: Loadtec Marine Loading Arms

Date of release: 28 April 2015

Press Release - New Product Launch: Loadtec Marine Loading Arms

In yet another bold move, Loadtec Engineered Systems will be launching their own brand of marine loading arms. This is Loadtec’s first venture into the marine loading arms business and Alec Keeler, managing director of Loadtec explains why he is excited at this new venture.

"I started Loadtec in 1996 and I have been frustrated by what I saw as a real gap in the market for an inclusive service that would allow us to design, supply and commission packages for liquid handling solutions. In the almost two decades since, Loadtec has grown to become one of the most trusted suppliers in the industry for loading arms, tanker access and fall prevention systems amongst other services such as meter skid solutions and even terminal automation packages.

"We are very excited to be working exclusively with an innovative and reliable manufacturing partner to provide the best and most competitively priced marine loading arms in the market today. Given the distinguished histories of our companies, we can guarantee that we will be able to supply according to your budget and requirements, the safest and most efficient marine loadings arms for your terminal or depot needs."