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  • A Perfect Collaboration

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Zip-Load is the resulting brand of a quality collaboration between Carbis Loadtec Group and Zipfluid Srl.

For the past 18 years Carbis Loadtec has served the global oil and chemicals industries with class leading solutions for bulk fluid transfer and tanker safety. Carbis Loadtec Group for tanker filling and emptying have been adopted by virtually all of the major blue chip companies around the world. Clients have benefited greatly from the Carbis Loadtec focus of putting the customer first and delivering excellence. This excellence takes the form of timely responses, clear and unambiguous information, as well as the delivery of quality goods designed to future proof the clients operations.

Carbis Loadtec has recognised increasingly that some of their suppliers have been driven by corporate targets, shareholder demands and short term monetary gain, at the expense of the customer. The same cannot be said of privately held companies, managed by like-minded individuals, who retain the ability and desire to make strategic decisions and develop better customer care initiatives quickly and effectively.

Carbis Loadtec and Zipfluid are a perfect collaboration. Carbis Loadtec has many years of experience in delivering quality solutions for customer problems. They are recognised as a global brand and are approved suppliers to most of the major engineering houses and global blue chip end users. Zipfluid has a state of the art manufacturing facility in the heart of industrial Europe. They are focussed on the development and manufacture of a wide range of fluid transfer systems to handle all liquids and have a team of engineers and production staff with long and successful histories in the loading arm business.

Zip-Load was born from a desire of both companies to provide excellence in design and manufacture to a wide audience who are tired of working with suppliers constrained by corporate handcuffs. Our customers want suppliers who will give them the time to listen and understand their issues, develop schemes and proposals that meet their technical and financial constraints, and to deliver long lasting, innovative solutions.

This is what engineering should look like. This is what customer service should be.

Zip-Load delivers both.

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