Carbis Loadtec Loading Arm and Meter Skid Combo 1

Project Brief

Our client approached us with a unique problem for the bulk transfer of dangerous liquids into tank trucks.  The liquid contained traces of toxins and these created a need for a highly disciplined loading process with operators wearing extensive PPE.  The client’s objective was to minimise contact between operators and process piping, while also ensuring highly accurate dispensing of the liquid to avoid overfilling.  A secondary, but logistically challenging issue, was the existing facility could not be shut down while construction was taking place. This would have effectively shut down production, due to their inability to dispose of this waste liquid.

The Approach

Carbis Loadtec Group designed a unique loading station with a semi-automatic loading arm. The loading arm moved from a stored position, out to the tank truck, inserting and automatically lowering a telescopic drop pipe to prevent splash loading and mist generation.  It also had built-in vapour recovery to harness the displaced vapours and provide a secure environment for loading.  High level alarms also monitored the levels of liquid in the tank.

The truly unique feature is that the measurement and control of the liquid was provided by a metering system built into the loading arm.  This integrated system, containing a Coriolis meter with control and emergency valve regulation, allowed the loading station to be built as true “plug and play”. This meant the site installation time was minimised. Carbis Loadtec also supplied the new platform and tanker access system, allowing operators to have a safer, cleaner and more efficient working environment.

Carbis Loadtec is the exclusive technical supplier for fall prevention and high-quality fluid transfer systems. We provide an inclusive concept to commissioning packages for loading arms, fall prevention systems, meter skids, storage tank equipment and accessories used in those processes.  Carbis Loadtec is a leader in the field of packaged solutions and combines high quality manufacturing with the widest available portfolio to give customers assurance of quality and integrity.

If your company handles dangerous liquids and is interested in improving safety and loading efficiency, please contact us.