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Safety should follow the science

One of the trending statements of 2020, irrespective of where you are reading this is, “we are following the science”. This can give rise to a nodding of sage heads or snorts of derision, from whichever side of the scientific or political spectrum you care to be. ALEC KEELER, Managing Director, Carbis Loadtec Group So […]

First Loading Arm

The Future is Now

Carbis Loadtec's MD Alec keeler looks at the future of loading arms - automated loading arms - in the Spring edition of Storage Terminals Magazine

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Making operator safety a top priority

This article has been reproduced from Tank Storage Magazine February/March 2018 issue. When it comes to safety, terminals, refineries and chemical plants globally are always keen to highlight how much of a priority it is in their day-to-day operations. ‘I cannot recall the amount of times I have seen ‘safety is our #1 priority’ as I […]

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Fully Loaded

This article has been reproduced from Hazardous Cargo Magazine November 2016 issue. Tanker Loading • Alec Keeler, Managing Director of Loadtec Engineered Systems, asks whether anything has really changed in 20 years Everything changes … or does it? Assumptions are made every day in business and one of those is that, as technology advances, our world becomes safer. […]

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Key Strategies to Building Safe and Efficient Rail Car Operations

Rail operations are increasing around the world as manufacturers and logistics operators seek more sustainable and efficient ways of moving bulk liquid from its place of manufacturing to the end users. The loading and unloading of rail cars can present a number of safety challenges. Developing and implementing bulk fluid transfer systems in conjunction with […]

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Tanker loading challenges in the pharmaceutical industry

This article has been reproduced from Fluid Handling magazine ( March/April 2016 issue.  In the last 20 years, the design and technology used in tanker loading and unloading systems in the pharmaceutical industry has changed surprisingly little. Tankers are still between 3.2 and 4.2m high, and their conditions fluctuate greatly. Tanker walkways are widely variable and, occasionally, just not there. Solvents […]

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Working on tankers: Safety in storage

This article has been reproduced from Biofuels International ( March/April 2016 issue. Biofuels storage can expect to grow considerably in the next decade and so it is increasingly important to manage health and safety risks in the workplace The biofuels industry is full of risks. There are risks associated with handling products and risks connected with […]

Carbis Loadtec Multi Modal Systems - Fall Prevention Systems - Tanker Access - Newport, South Wales

Maintaining Safety Systems in Tanker Terminals

This article has been reproduced from Tank Storage Magazine ( September/October 2015 issue. Access and loading technology is evolving in the industry The use of antiquated safety systems in the tank terminal industry is still prevalent despite the introduction of stricter and tighter legislative frameworks. Safety systems that were developed and installed in the 1960s are still […]