Gangways and Marine Access

Gangways & Marine Access
Safe and efficient gangways access onto marine vessels can be an exacting and difficult task. High seas, tidal variations and strong current can all conspire to make the bridging of the gap between ship and dock both variable and hazardous.

Carbis Loadtec has a range of gangways and marine access systems aimed at making operators progress safe and reliable. Whether it is for barge or super tanker, we can meet and exceed your expectations in this critical area.

Marine access gangways can be simple bridges, moved into place manually by one operator; fixed length structures with hand and knee rail protection afforded by ropes and with a hook to secure the gangway onto the ship deck.

A variation on this is that it can be raised and lowered by a winch and cable, either manually or electrically.  A further option is to use a crane, which can be used if the unit telescopes.  If the gangway is a fixed length it can be powered by hydraulic cylinders and controlled from the jetty by a simple controller.  The telescoping section can also be hydraulically controlled using motors.  When it comes to marine super-tankers, the structure changes significantly. The gangway is likely to be fitted to a tower or column so that operators can climb a staircase to reach the optimal bridging level.

If the working range is too great and available jetty space is too small to allow a safe angle of access, the whole gangway can be mounted to the face of a tower.  It can then travel vertically to ensure a safe working angle is maintained between ship and tower.  The operators then have a choice of which level they can access the gangway to the ship. It is also possible to rotate and park parallel to the ship, thus avoiding potential clashes while the ship is manoeuvring.

On smaller jetties, vertical parking of the gangways is also possible.

The tower and column designs allow peripheral features to be installed such as fire-fighting systems, CCTV, crow’s nest, meteorological equipment and cranes.

Each system is fully assembled at the factory and cycle tested for customer approval before being broken down and shipped to site anywhere in the world.

Did you know?
Do you have inadequate or outdated marine access at your facility? 

At Carbis Loadtec, our engineers know the ins and outs of safe access and egress, and they can design a custom gangway for your workers.

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